Until November 28: Reconfigure Wi-Fi on smartphone, laptop and tablet


Due to a change of certificate, students, lecturers and administrative staff must renew their WiFi set up on their mobile devices. Otherwise, the university WiFi and associated services, such as room confirmation in ASIMUT or the library's online services, can no longer be used from November 28th, 2023.

This applies only to mobile devices (notebooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.) - not to fixed workstation PCs (towers), e.g. in the administration.


I have previously used "HfMDK-FRA", do I still have to reinstall the "eduroam" WLAN network?

Yes. As it will no longer be possible to use the "HfMDK-FRA" network in future for technical reasons, it is absolutely necessary to switch to the "eduroam" WLAN network.

What do I need to consider during installation?

Please only carry out the installation with the official installation program "CAT eduroam" or the app "geteduroam", which you can obtain from https://cat.eduroam.org or from the App or Playstore. You can find information and assistance in our updated instructions (see bottom of this page).

Do I have to uninstall my existing connection first?

Prior uninstallation is not usually necessary. If there are problems with the reinstallation, please first remove the existing connection profile for "eduroam" on your device and reinstall it using the installation program at https://cat.eduroam.org or select "ignore this network" for "eduroam" from the Wi-Fi networks displayed on your device.

What happens if I do not set up the "eduroam" WiFi network by November 28, 2023?

If you do not set up the WLAN again, your device will no longer be connected to the WLAN at the university from November 28, 2023 and you will not be able to use any associated services (such as room confirmation in ASIMUT). However, the installation can also be carried out without further ado after November 28, 2023 using a different internet connection (e.g. at home).


Set up Wi-Fi: Instructions

Need help?

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the computer center during service hours (Monday to Thursday: 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 3 pm, Friday: 9 am - 12 pm) by phone (069154007585), in person (room C008) or by e-mail regardless of service hours: rechenzentrum@hfmdk-frankfurt.de​​​​​​​

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